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Over the past decade, the Pool and spa industry of Thunder Bay  has been shadowed by low cost, fly by night "cash only" type service people, or by corporations who give you the feeling they have better things to do.

At Wave Pool Maintenance we want to re-create the relationship between customer and Pool worker! The time spent in your pool should be enjoyable, and the time spent working on it should be also!

Our goal at Wave Pool Maintenance is to make sure every experience is a pleasant one so you can sit back and trust that your investment that you worked so hard to achieve is maintained for you and lasts as long as it can, not as long as other companies think it should!

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Pool Winterizing and Spring Opening Services

Rest easy this winter knowing that your pool was winterized properly! With 15 years of experience, we put pride in our work. We know the importance of proper winterization, and will make sure your pool opens up easily with no issues in the spring!

Weekly Maintenance Package

Enjoy more of your time in the Summer and hire us to maintain your pools chemistry on a weekly basis!  service includes pool vacuuming, equipment inspection, and water balancing! Contact us for Prices and Booking!

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